Medvensys Network360 – Network Transformation Solution

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Medvensys Network360 allows measurement of provider performance variation from a multi-dimensional perspective (Quality, Risk Score Accuracy, Care, Costs and Utilization) thereby allowing payers and risk bearing providers – to deploy the right kind of value-based contracts with the provider community. In addition, the platform presents actionable and integrated gaps (quality, care, RAF/HCC, predicted adverse events) attributed to providers – to improve clinical and financial performance.

  • Medvensys Network360

    Identify the right providers for value-based contracting

    Measure provider efficiencies to design networks that meet population characteristics and plans financial and clinical goals

  • Medvensys Network360

    Draw performance comparisons by tapping into benchmark data

    Comparative Analytics and multi-dimensional indexing to perform peer group comparisons using regional and national benchmarks

  • Medvensys Network360

    Pinpoint the areas for attention within each group or hospital in the network

    Identify the right performance metrics along with targets for the right providers to drive performance improvement

  • Medvensys Network360

    Track provider performance across all the contracts

    Continuously measure provider performance (as against the metrics and targets) during the benefit-years to offer proactive support

  • Medvensys Network360

    Improve Clinical and Financial Performance

    Actionable provider level insights across care, quality, risk score accuracy, costs and utilization for provider engagement

Medvensys Network360

Medvensys Network360 Features

  • Medvensys Network360

    Measure provider/network performance variation from a multi-dimensional perspective connecting Quality, Risk Score Accuracy, Care, Costs and Utilization

  • Medvensys Network360

    Draw peer-group comparisons by identifying outliers and pinpoint providers that can address majority of the plan inefficiencies

  • Medvensys Network360

    Create actionable list of members to drive comprehensive gap closure activities targeting the providers

  • Medvensys Network360

    Identify contract optimization opportunities to enable value-based contracting and deploy the right provider collaboration programs

  • Medvensys Network360

    Out-of-the-box provider attribution and risk-adjustment algorithms along with ability to configure plan-design characteristics



    Holistic profiling and benchmarking of physician performance and efficiencies – quality, care, cost, utilization and risk score accuracy trends – using advanced data visualization and analytics methodologies

  • Drive Integrated Quality, Risk Adjustment and Population Health Programs

    Identify quality/care gaps, RAF/HCC gaps, and potential adverse events (ER utilization, readmissions, preference sensitive treatments etc) and drive provider engagement to improve plan-level clinical and financial performance.

  • Optimize Provider Networks

    Significantly improve network efficiencies by leveraging top performers and supporting low-performing providers through varied provider collaboration strategies.

  • Understand and Design Value-Based Contracts

    Proprietary analytical models enable decision makers to identify suitable value-based contracting arrangements and support providers in their journey toward value based care.

  • Enhanced Network and Clinical Performance

    Enhanced provider governance and targeted recommendations facilitated via performance reports to act on “low-hanging” opportunities to improve health outcomes.

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Medvensys Network360

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